Retroreflectance is the best performance indicator of various types of material used in road signage. There is no denying the importance of ensuring minimum levels of retroreflectance, even in wet conditions. However, measuring road marking retroreflectance has always been a challenging task. Traditional handheld retroreflectometers are large and heavy, thus requiring strong muscles, good mood, and special care during transportation. In air transport, for example, problems arising from the dangerous Li-Ion batteries or payment of excess weight fees are still commonplace. On the other hand, mobile retroreflectometers are an expensive, oversized, and unpractical solution for routine monitoring services or for evaluating short stretches.


The New Generation


The new generation of mini-retroreflectometers has broken down the limitations imposed by the inconveniences of old technology and has been changing the way of working in various sectors. For measurements in urban roads, technicians can move by bicycle, subway, or train carrying a road marking retroreflectometer in a backpack, a practice unthinkable less than 2 years ago.

Features such as the external beam measurement system and the ability to work with profiled markings of up to 15 mm enable creative solutions such as attaching the product to a tricycle, creating an interesting low-speed mobile retrometer.

Workers who undertake air travel take benefit from the use of ordinary AA batteries and the possibility of carrying their instruments as carry-on luggage, even in low-cost airlines, with a significant gain in comfort and savings.

Increased portability also revolutionized the dynamics of demonstration of new products or technical sales, areas with a strong female presence. The exclusive interface with smartphones to record field photos and measured values also introduces a new way to report and exchange results.


Heavy Vehicle Safety


Drivers of heavy vehicles are in an unfavorable position, receiving considerably less light from road signage. The new standards for reflective road studs, vertical signs, and safety clothing already include higher observation angles, but traditional handheld meters showed technological constraints that prevented them from being useful in the field.


In case of reflective road studs, for example, traditional devices are not able to assess wider observation angles (truck driver). It is also hard to get them in the right alignment with the road studs in the field, which discourages its use on highways.

The Mini Retroreflectometers technology, with an external beam measurement, solves all the drawbacks of excessive weight and size, besides allowing the visual alignment with the road studs, ensuring correct and simultaneous results for 2 observation angles – car and truck.

Also, it is already possible to meet all requirements for safety clothing according to ISO 20471 with a single 4-angle and continuous entrance adjusting MiniReflecto Vertical retroreflectometer.


Be Aware of New Possibilities.


Measuring retroreflectance is becoming increasingly easy to do and increasingly more important to our society. The reinvention of portable retrorefletometers technology has brought new possibilities for quality and performance inspection of road safety materials.


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