Small, light retroreflectometers integrated into your smartphone can revolutionize road marking inspection work.


With super-high resolution cameras, broad cellular bandwidth, and ample storage space, smartphones are important allies of road marking professionals.

The new MINI retroreflectometer technology is fully integrated into smartphones, making it an unparalleled tool for road marking inspection.

Easylux app, EASYDATA, works as an interface through which users control, command, and view measurement results. You can take photos, add notes, send all measurement results by e-mail or export results to third-party apps such as WhatsApp and Google Maps.

The photos are combined with measurement results, so that a single photographic record allows complete analysis of the signage, which makes it a powerful documentation tool.

If a more detailed analysis is required, you can import data with EASYDATA, compatible with all EASYLUX models.

There is no doubt that when choosing a retroreflectometer, one must take into account the ease of handling and managing data.

Traditional retroreflectometers emerged in the 1980s, but they are still the same – large, heavy, cumbersome instruments powered by special batteries. Users of such conventional technology put great physical effort into moving the device to the measurement site and collecting data. Then, the measured results need to be transferred to a PC at the office so that they are known and shared with the workgroup, an approach that is entirely inadequate to the new global scenario.




MINI retroreflectometer is a groundbreaking technology that will improve the inspection of road marking visibility. Such technology miniaturization encourages fieldwork – a challenging task for users of traditional models – and offers valuable technical solutions, such as an external light beam, which is entirely immune to sunlight.

It is highly valued by professionals who aim at demonstrating behavior of materials under rain conditions or those who often take trips.

Small, portable devices require less valuable space in the marking truck and speed up the processes of loading and unloading them for measurement, with the added benefit of being easier to move from one site to another. On air travel, they can be transported as hand luggage, avoiding extra charges.

They are capable of performing more than 8000 continuous measurements using standard AA rechargeable batteries, which are safe and easy to replace.


These state-of-the-art systems are highly reliable and certified to EN1436 standard.


More and more, vendors and professionals are becoming aware of the potential of MINI retroreflectometers for demonstrations of new materials and performance checks of night visibility in the field.

Knowing that you can move your equipment in a backpack – even by airplane without extra fees or battery warnings – with little additional effort is extremely advantageous.

Finally, portability has solved an old problem: operators’ fatigue by muscular effort. If you still carry a 10-kg device to work with, you are far behind.


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If you still carry a 10-kg device to work with, you are far behind.



Portability has solved an old problem: operators’ fatigue by muscular effort.


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