How to send data to the computer ?

1-  Connect the equipment to the computer by USB cable
2- Wait for Windows to find and install the USB Serial Port driver. You should have an internet connection.
3- Open the windows device manager (control panel) and search for USB Serial Port driver. The USB Serial Port should be listed here with the actual port number it is occupying as part of its name.  For instance if it says COM142.

Control Panel

4- At the EasyData software press the bottom right button of the screen and select the COM Port number (see the picture). In our example the PORT number is COM142.

5- At the instrument press the MENU button and then select the option TRANSFER.





How to Solve most problems with installing USB Serial Driver

Just unplug the USB connector and plug it back in the computer, then the problem should resolve (wait for windows plug and play instalation).
If unplugging doesn’t work for you, try another USB port. If you are using USB 3.0 port, switch it to USB 2.0 port and try installing the system again.

Go to Device Manager to check for the driver status. In Device Manager, if you see a yellow mark next to the device, the driver is having a problem. The problem driver may have a yellow mark next to it .You can update the drivers to fix the problem. If you are having difficulty with updating driver by internet then you can use the drivers provided at our website or CD-ROM.