Easylux Retroreflectometer - About Us     

Easylux Retroreflectometer specializes in the design and development of precision optoelectronic measurement systems.
Our innovative optical system is the result of 10 years of hard work by a non-conformist engineering team. We clearly realized how unsafe and unsuitable big and heavy instruments are  for road visibility control.

The patented  MINI family is a turning point for the face of the current classic retroreflectometers.

Change your concepts and leave the dinosaurs of retroreflectometers in the past.

Retroreflectometer Easylux Handheld - Timeline

The MINI Horizontal is the result of an ambitious project. Being unconventional didn’t matter, we were determined to make all efforts to build the best instrument in the world.
All preconceived ideas about nighttime visibility optics were questioned and reinvented. Throughout the development we reinvented the standards and rewrote it them again several times.

The new line of mini retroreflectometers - MINI -  from Easylux materializes everything that retroreflectometers should be: It is light, small, 15 mm profilled compatible, continuous wetting compatible, Airplane luggage carry-on and can be controlled by any Android smartphone by bluetooth interface.


We are placing a new market milestone.

No other horizontal retroreflectometer in the world can match the size, the performance and the weight of the new MINI….It simply can’t be done.