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Reflectometer Dynamic Horizontal - Easylux Retroreflectometers

The first in the world market that uses LED technology.

It makes the instrument energy-efficient and almost maintenance-free.



Easylux Dinamic can detect, record and classify all road studs on measurement area.


Car support

Universal car adaptor. Quick and Easy installation.

User interface

Remote touch screen driver interface (tablet).

RL Wet

Continuous RL measurements under dry or wet conditions.

Sun Light

Works at any light condition even over strong sun light..

Real-time measurements

Real-time high speed measurements..

LED technology

Uses LED technology, which makes the instrument almost maintenance-free and energy efficient.



The Easylux Dynamic is the world very first LED optical system highway continuous retroreflectometer.


The Easylux Dynamic is the world's very first LED optical system highway continuous retroreflectometer. The patented LED light source makes the equipment energy-efficient and almost maintenance-free.

Easylux Dynamic measures the nighttime visibility RL coefficient under strong sun light on dry or wet conditions. Profiled markings up to 20 mm can also be measured.

The LED optical system, combined with CIE eye sensor response V(λ) allows precise measurement of all types and colors of road markings at traffic speed (up to 120 km/h).


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    General Characteristics

    15 meters
    Illumination angle 86.5°
    Observation angle 1.5°
    30 meters
    Illumination angle 1.24°
    Observation angle 2.29°
    Measurement area 600x 400 mm (16 channels)
    Spectral responsivity Multiple detectors - CIE V (λ) adapted
    Measurement range RL: 0 - 1999 mcd.lx-¹.m-²Qd : 0 - 400 mcd.lx-¹.m-²
    Profiled markings Up to 20 mm
    Receiver aperture 0.33°
     Display Tablet PC for driver assistance
    Image log Up to 5 road marking pictures per second.
    Security Rear flashing warning light
     Working temperature  -10°C to +70°C


    Length 590 mm (without Qd)
    Width 160 mm
    Height 260 mm
    Weight 11 kg
    Working speed Up to 120 km/h


    EN1436 For RL
    ASTM E1710 For RL
    ASTM E2177 For RL wet
    ASTM E2176 For RL rain
    ABNT 14723 15-meter
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